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Make Compost Inside Your Home! Its easy...
The Concerned Shopper

Turning your vegetable cooking scraps into beautiful compost inside your home is very easy. Choose a plastic or wood bin
and drill several holes in it for ventilation. Fill the bin with shredded newspaper, moisten this bedding, add some red wiggler worms (Eisenia fetida) and your vegetable scraps. You should feed your worms at a ratio of 2:1 (1 lb of worms can consume 1/2 lb of food a week). Feeding the worms entails digging a small hole in the newspaper bedding and placing the food inside it. Cover the new food with about 2in of bedding. We feed our worms about once a week. When placing new food into the bin try not to disturb the last feeding site. Work your way around the bin when placing in new food  so that once you reach one end of the bin the other ends compost will be ready to be harvested. Its that easy! We have been vermicomposting this way for several months and are very happy with the results. It doesn't smell or require much attention. This is a great way to help close the loop from just consuming to helping return a little something to the environment.

Horizon Organic - Really as Good as We Think?
By The Concerned Shopper

 - Horizon Organic has 2 company farms which are located in Kennedyville, Maryland and Paul, Idaho.
Although these are called farms by the company they are in reality dirt pen lots where cows live in cramped quarters and are feed an organic diet as opposed to being pastured and grass feed.

 - Horizon Organics is owned by Dean Foods based in Dallas, Texas. Dean Foods is the 7th largest food processor in North America.

 - Dean Foods is the world's largest processor and distributor of milk and other dairy products.

 - Dean Foods CEO Mr. Gregg L. Enles salary is $3.42 million dollars a year. A far cry from the typical family farmers yearly salary!